Health Spa and Beauty Course

( 250 Hrs.)

This course complies with the announcement of Corporation͛s Audit and Evaluation Committee, Department of Health Service Support, Ministry of Public Health.

Objective of study

  • To be able to understand spa and Thai massage business.
  • To be able to understand basic theory and practice massage for safety of therapist and customer.
  • To be able to do spa and massage (facial massage, aroma therapy massage , body scrub, body mask, and foot massage) professionally.

The essence of the course:

  • Theory of massage.
  • Instruction and prohibition of massage.
  • Vision and knowledge of spa business.
  • Anatomy and body system
  • Practice different types of massage service include basic anatomy, steps, methods and techniques
    • European Facial massage
    • Aromatherapy massage
    • Body scrub
    • Body mask
    • Foot massage

For individual who has the following specifications

  • Having a dream with a vision including looking for opportunities and advancement.
  • Desiring to have a certificate, international diploma and the lawful license.
  • Desiring to be the business owner of health spa and beauty in the future.
  • Desiring to be spa manager or counsel either in domestic or abroad.
  • Desiring to promote spa or spa staff.


  • Graduated high school education level (Grade 12) at least.
  • At least years of age.
  • Male or female is acceptable.
  • Do not have barriers to employment.

Course Schedule

  • Open: Everyday, from 09.00 AM to 05.00 PM.
  • Close: public holidays.
  • Duration: 1 month.
  • 30% of theory course and 70% practical course.
  • International students are supported about the accommodation nearby school.

Course Fee

Health Spa and Beauty Course ( 250 Hrs. )

15,000 THB

Course Graduation

  • Having certificate in Thai and English

Picture of sampler certificate in Thai and English